Saturday, August 26, 2006

I have been so busy shopping and picking out things for the new kitchen that I haven't had any time to create!

Today while hubby tore the kitchen down to the bare walls I locked myself in my artroom, cranked up the toons and got a little work done.

I finished up the Book of Wings deco. The shape of the board book just reminded me of a butterfly...

I also searched for images for a book my boss wants me to make for her (by Wednesday!) She asked me on Thursday....Sheesh!!!!!

Plus, I have a few ideas for another deco titled Freestyle. I get to do my own thing! WooHoo!

AND I also have to kick in to high gear and get some rolos done by the end of the month. Uh Oh!!!! I think I am going to be seriously stressing here in a couple days!

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