Monday, March 12, 2007

I really love working with the bees wax. I got a little bit of time last night to start a new piece and tonight I got to complete it. (and start another). This is a 5x7 canvas board. Hopefully tomorrow night I can finish the project I started tonight, it is on a 6x6 canvas board.

I am finding that I really enjoy coloring with the water soluble oil pastels. I like the challenge of coloring in an image and keeping the colors soft and where I want them.

I also like the look of coloring an image and then laying another copy over top so the colors are muted underneath.
I wasn't sure the "swirly" paper would work as it has a bit of a shine to the finish but it turned out great. The colors became much richer.

I wanted to attach the asian charm with a bit of red ribbon but after digging around for about 15 minutes without finding any I just attached it with some wax. I now think the ribbon would have been a distraction so I guess I am thankful that I am not totally organized. :-)


~marilyn said...

Kewl! I love that geisha stamp...never seen one like it. Hmmm...I think that marbled paper looks somewhat familiar.

So how was the birthday?

EccentricPastiche said...

I really love this piece. It's really beautiful! ~Anne