Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tried Something New

My friend Pam prints on fabric with her home printer. I decided to give it a try. Talk about fun!

I have lots of vintage images on cds I have bought over the years.

I resized several of them and printed them up on a scrap of muslin.

I think I need to heat set them in the future.

I followed Pam's directions:

1. Iron a piece of freezer paper (8x10) onto your fabric.

2. Make sure to trim all loose threads from the fabric

3. Put into your printer and print!

I was surprised how clear the images came out. I actually had to blur my picture to post it on the internet because the grain of the fabric was showing up too much. Trust me, the image printed crystal clear.

I cut out one of the pictures and used it for a Vintage Valentine ATC.

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---MARILYN DAMSCHEN--- said...

Nice to see you posting again! My friend Maggie sprays her fabric prints with Preserve It spray. I need to try this.