Sunday, May 04, 2008

Back to Beeswax

I haven't done any beeswax art since I took the class....a year ago I think. Or was it 2?

Anyway, one of the groups I am in has a monthly lottery. I knew the theme was Vintage Buttons but for some reason just never got around to doing anything. Then today I thought...Hey, I want to play! So they pushed back the date until Friday so I could join in.

I have been wanting to get out the beeswax for a while now but really had nothing I wanted to make so it sat on the shelf. This theme just called out for BEESWAX!

I stamped all the images. They are from Oxford Impressions except the 3 women stamped in brown, they are from Tuscan Rose I think. They are all stamped on tissue paper except the woman. she is on copy paper AND tissue paper.

I used a 6 x 6 inch canvas board. I covered it with melted wax then scribbled on some water soluble oil pastels. yellow and brown. Then then began laying down the stamped images starting with the text.

I used fabric that I tore so it would have a frayed edge, not that you can tell much under the wax.

Next came the the copy paper woman. I laid down this image and then tinted her cheeks pink and her dress blue using the oil pastels. I then put the tissue image over top so the colors became muted.

Next the other stamps and finally the lace.

The last step was the buttons. I has to put down a puddle of wax, press the button into it and then dribble more wax over top. They are each encased in a little wax cocoon.

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