Monday, June 09, 2008

The Dressmaker has come to town

I thought I was done making houses but then a new stamp set arrived and I just had to try it out! I just received the Close To My Heart "Simple Stitches" set. What fun. You can create the look of "sewing" without hauling out the machine (mine is buried back in the corner of my art room under a pile of fabric!)

The tape measure, dressmaker form and needles packet are all part of the Oxford Impressions "The Dressmaker" plate.

I found the little scissors on my last trip to the craft store and thought they were sooooo cute. There is a stamp on the Oxford Impressions plate that is almost identical and I have used that many times but decided to go with the metal ones on this house.

I may still add some words at the bottom. I haven't decided yet. It sort of seems to be calling out for a quote so we'll see what happens.

The photo of the woman is from a Victorian postcard cd. The original image is black and white. I liked the "cloudy" background on the photo and decided to play that up a bit. I used the photo effects on PSE5 to change the entire photo to blue. I then put that layer over the original photo and cut out the woman. Now the woman was black and white and the background blue. I then painted shades of pink over her sash, flowers and cheeks to add a touch of color. I really like how she stands out.

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