Monday, September 15, 2008

Fabric Postcards!

Ok, so I gave in and joined the swap! What can I say, I am weak! LOL

The theme is "Flowers". I was going to paint some flowers on muslin and as I was browsing through my photos looking for ideas I thought....Why don't I just print some of my flower photos onto fabric? So, I did!

Isn't this pink rose beautiful? It grows in my front yard. I ran out after a light rain and captured the petals still covered with droplets.

As I have stated before, I love fall. So how could I not do a fall card? These sunflowers grow at the local pumpkin patch (Pheasant Fields Farm). I take lots of sunflower pictures every year. They are the only yellow flowers I like.

This tulip came up out of nowhere this past spring. We figure the bulbs must have been dormant for years and when we dug up the entire back yard and moved all the dirt around they got rejuvenated! Such a beautiful surprise!

On the first card I used cotton batting but on the other 2 I used a plain 4x6 index card as the stablizer. I think I like the feel of the card better but like the "quilt" quality the batting creates. I wonder which the post office will prefer.

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