Sunday, May 03, 2009

Wrecking My Journal

I spent the weekend wrecking and creating journals. I finished up the journal for the badbaby swap and it is now ready for mailing whenever our swap partners are assigned AND I am now going to do a one on one swap with another BadBaby friend - Pam - and I wrote up a journal for her (but we are doing more art and less wrecking which should still be loads of fun!)

As for my "wrecking", I have flipped through the book several times and some of the things are going to be hard for me to do....for various reasons LOL

I decided to get one of hard ones out of the way fast. Now, after I did it I was thinking gee, 'dirty' could have been as simple as using ink or paint, something I do every day but that isn't what came to mind once I decided to 'just do it'! It had been raining off and on last Friday and during a break, I ran out to the garden, pressed my hand into the mud and slapped it onto the page...then really smooshed it on there for good measure. When I looked at my hand, it was still caked with mud so I slammed it back down onto the facing page as well....It felt GOOD!!!! LOL My mom would have killed me if I had done this to a book as a kid! LOL
After washing my hands (cause mud in the journal is fine but all over my white recliner is NOT) I sat down and did this page of circles. I had bubbles on the brain. LOL
Yesterday I scratched my page...still raining which may have contributed to the subject matter...not really sure as I really didn't put much forethought into it, just picked up my exacto knife and started scratching.

Today I tackled poking holes in the page with a pencil. I worked from the back so as to not be distracted from the "holes" printed on the page. Took me forever as I was being a neat freak about it LOL

And finally, right before I began this blog, I opened up the back door and threw my journal (quite hard) against the nearest tree. Following the directions: Make a Sudden, Destructive, Unpredictable Movement with the Journal. It bent up the back cover and did some serious scuffing on one of the pages inside...nothing horrendous though so I may do some more unpredictable stuff in the future. :-)

That about covers my "real" art was created LOL

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