Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Love that cool crisp air!

Oh how I wish I could spend all my days just making art and enjoying the world around me! Unfortunately, work gets in the way! LOL

Fall is my favorite season and I am sooooo in the mood to create. Now to just find the time!!!!!

I started this fellow over a week ago. I want to make a primative Halloween doll. I haven't sculpted anything since I was in high school.....yeah, THAT long ago!!!!!! It was so sad, I have no 'tools' so I was using my exacto knife for all kinds of things LOL

So, he is a little rough, but I am hoping that makes him look more primative in the end.

I used paperclay. Not sure how I like it. Very weird to work with...very fiberous. Not really surprising I guess considering it is made of paper. Duh. LOL

I tried sanding him a bit and that just seemed to make him fuzzy. Hoping some paint calms that back down. Don't you just love experimenting?! LOL
Now I think he looks very happy but my husband thinks he looks 'scary'. Planning on some serious rosy cheeks and nose action.....I think that will cut out the scary factor. That or hubby will just have to go hide when this guy is around LOL

Check out this profile! Love that nose LOL
Better get painting. I really want to paint him orange. Hubby is against that too....so I better do it while he is still out of the house! heehee Debating on whether to use the weathered crackle or porcelain crackle finish. Weathered crackle would show another paint color in the cracks. Porcelain crackle is a soft topcoat finish that would show up when you rub an antiquing color over the surface.
Oh the decisions!!!!!!
And I just couldn't pass up sharing a pic from the weekend. We made another trip out to the pumpkin patch. (the 3rd or 4th one this season....I've lost count) I love pumpkins!!!!! Have I said that before? :-)

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