Monday, January 24, 2011

Overcoming the Blahs

I have found, if I don't make art of some kind, every day, I get the 'blahs'. So, you would think that would keep me on track wouldn't you? But sometimes life gets in the way of art.

I went for 4 days without any art time! And boy did it show. I felt lathargic all day, I dropped everything I touched... and I was very cranky! LOL

So, finally this evening I got a few minutes of quiet time to create a new journal page (no, this is not it below). I grabbed a piece of watercolor paper and gave it a whirl. Watercolors are something that I love but am not very good at. I took a class in high school and my teacher thought I had great potential but unfortunately we didn't have any watercolor classes available at college and I have just not gotten much practice since then (although I have lots of supplies lol)

But the good news is......I am still on track for my 4 pages a week for my journal! This is really amazing! We are heading into the 4th week of the year and I have 13 pages done! WoooooHoooooo!

So this page is one for last week. I was playing around with layering background papers.

The face stamp is from Tin Can Mail. The hands are from Stampers Anonymous.
I also worked on a zine last week. It was my first (and most likely my last). I know lots of people love them but it just wasn't for me. Trying to coordinate 8 panels for one theme just wasn't fun for me. But at least now I can say I made one. :-)

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