Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I always keep my promises

I made plaid soap! I struggled but managed to turn out some cute soaps that smell nice so it is all good. :-)

Here are my strips layered in my pan. The pan is red, my strips are yellow and orange...makes for a difficult picture. I used a 9" silicon pan.
I then added the last layer of white, let the whole thing cool, then cut out soaps with cookie cutters. I have pumpkins and crinkly circles. They smell wonderful! Pumpkin Pie!

And while waiting on soap to harden...which is not as exciting as you might think....I felted this little lady. I had purchased the green wool just because I knew it was perfect witch's skin color lol

She stands about 5 inches tall. And, because someone asked me, I know for a fact that she weighs a whopping .2 ounces!

Here is a close-up of her lovely complexion....and beautiful hooked nose. :-)

And of course, how can it be fall and I NOT make a scarecrow????

This little guy stands 5.5 inches tall! And has his little crow buddy on his arm. I am definitely in 'learn as you go' mode and just exploring and playing. Next time I think I will add some sort of support in his legs before felting them. For this guy, I think I am going to have to try to insert some sort of stabilizer if I want to make him stand up.

Here he is close-up with his best friend.


Cris Peacock said...

Love your soaps!! and the felting--WONDERFUL!! Love your new artistic endeavors :) and this is so odd....I had ordered soap supplies but they were taking 6 to 8 weeks to get to Maui (these companies think HI is a foreign country or something--haven't they heard of priority mailing?) so when I was at Keely's I got to go to a Michael's (woohoo!) and I bought some. Kyle and I had a great time making soaps. Then we went to the local Farmer's Market one day and it was 'Fiber Day'. Lots of people brought their sheep and alpaca's and were selling felt. Keely and I made had to use up some of her felting supplies...made some cool swirl charms. So are you sending me subliminal messages??? :)

Parabolic Muse said...