Saturday, October 01, 2011

Little Bandit strikes again!

I woke up this morning and just felt (heehee) the urge to create a raccoon. They are just so stinkin cute!

This little guy was caught in the act of stealing a goldfish! Shame on him!!!

It is actually paying homage to our poor goldfish....a few years ago, hubby got the idea that our backyard fountain needed some goldfish. So, he bought 2. Little tiny things, they happily played under the planted he so kindly bought for them. Such a peaceful existence for about 3 weeks...and then the neighborhood thief came to call! We have a huge raccoon that wanders into the yard on occasion...he is the biggest one I have ever seen! And our other neighbors, who have caught glimpses, agree! This guy is humongous! So, he ate one of our little fishies the first night and then had the other for dessert the next. Poor hubby was devastated! I am sure the fish were none too thrilled either!

Even to this day, every couple weeks or so, we see evidence that the thief has returned, he shoves things around in the fountain. I am sure he is looking for another snack.
My little friend stands about 2 inches tall and other than stealing this little felted fish, I think he is pretty harmless. :-)


Parabolic Muse said...

oh, come ON. This is fabulous!

Cris Peacock said...

Love your felting!!! YOu do it so well!