Friday, May 11, 2012


I know, I have been gone again lol

Time sort of gets away from me at times! :-) The weather has finally been looking (and acting) like spring. Which means more time piddling around outside and less time free for art.

But, today, I decided I needed to get into my art room and make something....anything! My original intention was to try something steampunkish. But, that has never been my style and try as I might, it morphed into something else that is more Me. lol

I haven't stamped anything in a really long time so it was really nice to grab some stamps and play!
The flower in the upper left is from Magenta, the clocks are from Non-Sequitor and the rest are all from Oxford Impressions.
The key is chipboard that I painted and then 'rusted' with alcohol inks.
Lilacs are probably my favorite flower. I can sit under the one in the backyard and day dream for hours. The fragrance really calms me.
This one above is new. We planted it a year and a half ago and it didn't bloom last year. I was so excited to see the gorgeous color this year! And the fragrance is amazing! The only problem is, we planted it under my office window so that I could smell it while I work....and then 2 months ago we moved my office to the other side of the house. :-(
This last picture is of my baby girl. She hates cameras and will not sit still for a picture no matter how sneaky I try to be. But she decided to be playful and let me try out my new camera.
She is such a silly girl, she loves to lie on her back with all her little feet in the air. So, I slowly walked up and she twisted around and looked at me then shot out her little paw and patted me on the cheek lol I caught her as she was reaching for me. Such a cutie :-)

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