Friday, March 14, 2014

The weekend is in site!

What a week! Work was a nightmare! I am so glad today is Friday and I am done working for the day!!!

I have not had much art time this week. :-( 

But, my submission to the sketch challenge has been on my mind (ok, it has been bugging me because I was not thrilled at all with my card!)  I know from a lifetime of art that something like the sketch challenge actually inhibits my creativity. I hate boxes lol

I was talking to my mom about it last night and her response was kind of like....duh! We all know that about you.

Give me a theme and I am there with ideas swirling in my head. Give me a diagram and say I need to fit my idea in that 'box' and my muse takes a hike. lol

So, I decided to give it another try.  But I moved a bit outside of the box on this one.  ;-)

Here is the sketch

Here is my new card. All cuts are from Create a Critter.

Now, I am going to say that technically I followed the sketch.
My hippo is the round ball (hippos are sort of rounded....yeah, that is my answer so deal with it! ha!)
The water is that right background section. Yep, not rectangular but does go under my hippo ;-)
The lace is the left vertical bar....ok, so this part is probably pretty spot on lol

If you read my last post you saw that I said I might try again with something more 'springy' and what screams spring more than a flowery pink hippo I ask you?! haha

I said it was a bad week lol  Hippos on Friday is the only good part!  :-D

Oh, I take that back, on Wednesday I found out that I was in the top 5 for the weekly Fantabulous Cricut Challenge. Yay!  Thank you!!!

And on to another issue.....Blogger will no longer let me add a banner to my blog. If you have been following me in the past you know that I always had a custom banner at the top. Well a few weeks ago it disappeared and when I try to add one back I just get error after error! And the blogger help was, well not helpful!

Anyone have any ideas on how to replace my banner?
Or know of a good blog site that I can move to (well, I think I would have hubby move my blog as he seems to enjoy that kind of stuff more than I do)

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