Friday, November 14, 2014

I am addicted to Pinterest!

My muse has been on vacation for the past few weeks. I blame the training at work. I know I didn't want to stick around so it's no surprise that my muse took off on a holiday.

All week I have been longing to get back into my art room and create. And yet, lately, I haven't been able to come up with anything new and different.

That's is where Pinterest comes in. I get bored and uninspired so I begin browsing, hoping something will jump-start my imagination.

I came across this pin from

A clear tag! How cool is that?!
I figured I would make one after work today....but this turned out to just be a jump-start for me.

I have lot of Cricut cartridges. And they all come in plastic boxes that you have to cut open. I save the plastic from the front and back of the boxes. You just never know when you might need some clear today :-)

I came up with an idea that instead of a totally clear tag, I would create a scene with a window.

I cut out 2 tags. One for the front of my tag, the other for the back and sliced a rectangle out of each one to create a window.
This is the front tag, the front window frame and a piece of the packaging plastic.

I centered and glued the window frame then used my ATG to place the plastic.

I am creating a winter scene and I want snow building up on the window panes.
I used painters tape and taped off the panes. I then pounced acrylic paint onto the plastic. (the X is to remind me which side of the window I want the snow)

Still working on the back of the window I headed out into the storm to gather more snow.
Ok, I grabbed an old paint brush and splattered up a good blizzard. :-)

But I realized that if the tag is handled much the 'snow' can scrape off the plastic. So I taped down another layer of plastic for protection.

Doesn't it look like a snowy night?

Time to add the back tag. I first embossed it with the stripes folder from Cuttlebug's Retro Kitchen set. And then splattered it with snow.

The tree also received a dusting of snow as well as some shading on the branches which will be seen through the window.

Time to assemble the back.
I free-handed the snow on the ground and lightly shaded the bottom layer (although you can't see it very well).
And I added the cute little bird.

Now to assemble the front!

I dry brushed some acrylic gold paint to the layers of the tree.

Then decorated it, gave it a cute pot to stand in and added Minnie relaxing and taking a bath.

I free-handed the baseboard and floor (which was embossed with CTMH stripes folder).

I can't decide if it looks better against a dark or light background as different things show up against each.

I am on the fence about the tree. I think I need a more realistic looking one. But other than that I am really happy with it.

Here is a list of all the cartridges I used:

Tag: CTMH Art Philosophy
Window Frame: Christmas
Christmas Tree: Winter Frolic
Outdoor tree: Mini Monsters
Bird: Straight From the Next
Cat: Meow
Pot: Walk in My Garden
Holly (which is up under the bow): Joys of the Season

Here is my Design Space file if you want to try one yourself

And if you would like to purchase the Art Philosophy cartridge you can do so here.

I hope you all find some creative time for yourselves. It keeps us sane as the holiday rush begins. (and I have not even begun shopping yet!!!!)

Until next time.... :-)

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Roberta Broussard said...

I love this tag and your idea of saving the plastic off the carts. I have saved some for card boxes but now have another use for them. Saw this on facebook.