Saturday, September 02, 2017

I'm addicted to HTV and the Cricut Easy Press!!!!!

I never realized just how much fun (and how easy it was) to add vinyl images to fabric items.  I have had my Cricut Easy Press for a week now and I am totally addicted. I walk through stores thinking...I could add htv to that, or that, or that!  I am starting to worry about myself (well not really that much lol)

I have created quite a few projects in just one week.

Last week I shared my first pair of shoes.  I did not stop there!!!

I love how this pillow turned out! I took a pumpkin image in Cricut Design space then sliced a lace image (also from Design Space) into it. It created this intricate pumpkin without much work. I used Cricut glitter htv ironed onto muslin. I then used a color coordinating leaf print to make the borders. I am ready for fall!

And speaking of fall, this past Thursday the Ohio State Buckeyes had their opening game against Indiana. The first half didn't go so great and Indiana taunted and teased the Buckeyes. Not really a good idea. The Bucks came roaring back and cleaned their clocks! LOL

I made myself a pair of Buckeye shoes for the occasion. The shoes came from Walmart. They have almost a t-shirt feel to them. I then used Siser Easyweed in black and Cricut glitter in red. Aren't they cute and cost me about $6!  Try buying team logo shoes for under $50!

I seemed to have gotten on the 3D kick. lol

Hubby completed his 66 mile Route 66 race from and I made him a hat to go with his medal. I used Cricut white htv, the black is Siser Easyweed.

It seems only fair that if he got a hat I should get one too!

Hello Kitty, butterfly and flower are all from the original Cricut Hello Kitty Greetings cartridge. Remember back in the day when Cricut cartridges cost about $80? Well this is one of them! It has been out of production for quite a while and people pay hundreds of dollars if they can find one. I am never parting with mine!!!  

Anyway, I layered htv for the first time!  It was way easier than I expected and everything adhered just fine. 

BTW you can find the blank baseball caps at Walmart for $2.97...assuming I have not gotten to the store before you! I currently have about a dozen hats sitting on my table waiting for decoration. :-)

And look...I actually made a shirt today LOL  That is normally the first thing people make. Not a project a week after they have been playing haha

This image is a single file in Cricut Design Space. Search for dragonflies - it has to be plural or you won't find it.

This is a 100% cotton Gildan shirt and Siser silver glitter htv. Again, no problems getting the htv to adhere. People in facebook keep saying there is no way the Easy Press can possible work because you don't have the extreme pressure you get with a heat press. I don't know anything about heat presses. What I do know is that the Easy Press is super easy to use and gives wonderful results every time.  I have not had a single mishap! 

And then someone asked.....can you do put htv on can koozies?

I had one in my stash to test that exact question. So I pulled it out, quickly thought up a design and gave it a try.

I used all Cricut glitter htv, I used the suggested settings for polyester. It came out perfect! Again, no mishaps!

But just a heads up, neoprene stinks when it gets hot! P-U!!!!!

When Cricut announced the Easy Press I was excited but so many people posted so many negative comments that when it was actually released, although their posts didn't stop me from ordering it in the first 5 minutes it was available, I was a bit nervous that it wouldn't perform as well as Cricut said it would.

All that worrying for nothing! It surpassed all my expectations!  My family doesn't know this yet but I am pretty sure everyone is getting something with an ironed on design this year lol  That's assuming I stop making fun projects for hubby and myself and actually start thinking about what others might want. HaHa!

Thank you for stopping by and Happy Crafting!!!

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