Saturday, February 25, 2006

I found a few minutes this week to stamp. More stamps arrived in the mail.....don't you just love when new toys arrive? It is almost like Christmas!

Below are stamps from TuscanRose, Oxford Impressions and Paperbag Studios.

This is a card for my friend Marilyn. If she reads this I guess she won't be surprised next week LOL

I have been playing with 4 x 4 cardboard squares. In both of these projects I used a text page torn out of a book I am altering. I sanded it heavily in several areas then I wet it with water and then sprayed it with walnut ink and let it dry. Later I dry brushed off-white acrylic paint over it. The inks are all "Memories" permanent ink. I used this because I wasn't sure when I started if I would want to tint the images with chalks, water colors, markers...or nothing at all.

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mumx2 said...

Cheryl -- what a great idea to use 4 by 4 squares! I will have to try that.