Saturday, March 01, 2008


I sent my niece a box of scrapbooking supplies for her birthday. The thing is, neither she nor my sister have any experience with using all these fun papers and embellishments. So I came up with an idea to give them some practice AND to have some family fun.

We are doing a deco round robin!

I put together the books using their choice of cover colors.

We also convinced my mom to play too. I don't think she is as thrilled as the rest of us though. :-)

Mine is the flower cover at the top left. My theme is flowers. Peyton's is the blue she wants her theme to be Disney (being a huge Disney fan, I can't wait for my turn to work in this one!) My mom's is the green in the lower left with a theme of "books". And the red with cream swirls is Laurel's. She has changed themes a couple times but I think currently is is "colors".

I hope they like these colors since they only told me "red", "blue" and "green". That sure does leave a lot of leeway! LOL

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