Wednesday, March 12, 2008

She sells....

I took this picture of the ocean at Brookings last year. I love the rocks of the Oregon coast!
I saw this painting of the woman and for some reason thought she should be walking on the beach LOL

So, now she is. :-)
I used a "pirate map" for my background paper. I made it slightly translucent to lighten the color.
I used a "vintage" frame from Photoshop Elements 5 for around my beach photo and then decreased the intensity of the photo. I added age spots to the photo as well from the crop shapes already available in the program.
The rhododendrons are from Azalea Park in Brookings. They have so many colors, it is so gorgeous to walk through. I can never resist snapping some pictures!
The "swirls" in the upper right corner are a heart shaped brush.

I love playing with this stuff!!!!!

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