Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Another Dragon

I had so much fun creating my last dragon that I decided to try another.

This one is a bit smaller at only 3 1/4" (plus balloon).

It is definitely harder to get details on the smaller projects (and the fuzzies get way out of control too! lol)
Since she is a baby (yes, it is a she lol) I decided she didn't need claws or teeth like my first dragon. I did however try something new and gave her little wings. :-)

I just finished her and as I was downloading the photos I realized I forgot to give her ears! Oops! So, maybe she isn't quite done after all. :-)

1 comment:

PaulaB. said...

She is so sweet! And you can even tell shes a baby too. LOVE the little wings! You are so good at these Cheryl.