Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Now that I have my art space back, I am really in the mood to create! I dug out all the art journals I have started over the years and lined them up at the far end of my table. I have 11! lol

So, of course, I started another. lol

No deadlines, no swaps, no criteria, just for me. :-)

I moved way outside my box on this page. I NEVER do bright colors lol. I tend to stick with muted and antique-looking color schemes. But I decided to use papers that I had gotten for free out of Somerset Studio and this was what was on the top of the stack. The background paper was bright yellow (hate the color yellow) and orange. I brushed some blue over it and then scratched some off so the yellow and orange would show through.

I saw an article on paper dolls someplace...heaven knows where. I have been cleaning out junk from the art room and flipping through magazines before I toss them out lol

So, here is my paper doll. :-) I cut her body from an old book page (I think it is French). Her clothes came from another of the Somerset papers. With turquoise tissue paper petticoats. :)
Now back to my normal colors lol

This background took me several days. I just kept layering with papers and paints until I finally liked it. I then stamped the hands at the bottom.

I like it so much, I took a pic before I continued (so I can use it in digital stuff later if I want)
I then added the flower and face. The face is stamped and colored with pencils, the petals are watercolor crayons. A new toy that I think I am going to be using a lot more!

For St Patrick's Day I had to go green. :-) Again I played around with building layers.

The text says "Live the Life You've Imagined".

Now I can't say that I imagined fish flying all around but as I was digging for the girl stamp, this fish was filed in the 'people' box (who knows what I was thinking about that day!!! lol) and I thought he would be fun on the green background.

Thankfully, it is now spring...or so the calendar says. Today my back pain is really bad (thus updating my blog instead of working). I can't wait until the weather turns nice so I can get out and move around and get some fresh air. Until, then...


Parabolic Muse said...

Wow, this is cool that you're continuing to learn more and do more and stretch yourself artistically! I love that green. Layers are great to see in a painting.

Parabolic Muse said...

There's a new bad babies swap to join! We hope you're game!