Friday, March 01, 2013


What can I say, sometimes I like to make an entrance! lol
It has been quite a while since I have posted anything. I apologize. Between work and health issues I just haven't been in the mood. Not serious health issues....the normal back, neck and I added almost total lack of use of my right shoulder issues. But, I am back and my shoulder is almost pain free....Yay!
So, although I have been gone, I have not been a total bum. I struggled to find ideas and my creativity seemed to have totally flown the coop.
That is until I found this adorable book....Collage Couture Techniques for Creating Fashionable Art by Julie Nutting. It totally jumpstarted my creative juices! I have been scribbling in my sketchbook and jotting ideas for many areas I like to play in.
But I did actually apply some of her techniques and created a couple works.
Here is a page in my art journal. My first attempt at "fashion" design. I just love a day at the beach!

I did a watercolor wash over the entire page. Then, using colored pencils, I added the lighthouse and rocks. Next came white acrylic waves. I needed some balance on the left so out came the rubber stamps!  And finally, the techiques from the book, creating the model and her wardrobe.

I had a blast with this and really want to create more! But, just as in real life, I am finding I have no fashion sense on paper either lol

Here is my second fashion model.

I created this one on a canvas that had been taking up shelf space. Using various paints and papers, I collaged the background.
I created my model and her clothing using some of my favorite colors. And finally stamped the Hans Christian Anderson quote down the right side.

But, as I said, this got my creativity back on track and I was able (once my shoulder stopped hurting) to get back to some needle felting.
Say hello to St Nick.

He is made entirely of wool other than his alpaca sack and wood staff.  He only stands about 6 inches high.

I am very happy with how his face turned out. I really did not want to use glass or plastic beads or eyes and so I felted his eyes in a lovely shade of blue. They are even more intense in person. Like he knows if you have been naughty or nice!  ;-)
Well, that is all I have done for now but there is a small green frog begging to be released from my brain so hopefully he will begin to make an appearance this weekend. :-)

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Very nice sweetie!