Saturday, June 11, 2016

Thanks, I needed that!

I just returned from a much needed vacation. It has been over a year since we have had a chance to get away.

I took a week and headed back east to celebrate my Mom's 75th birthday!

We spent some time sorting through old family photos dating back through several generations. We found this adorable pic of Mom celebrating her 4th birthday. :-)

But, remember, the Index Card a Day challenge is going on (and I didn't keep up lol)

I completed days 2 and 3 before I left.

Day 2 was Pyramid. I sponged on Distress Inks working from lightest to darkest and then splattered white acrylic paint to create the stars.  I then painted on the pyramids and sand.

Day 3 was Snoopy. He was the perfect expression of my emotions the day before I left on vacation. Snoopy was drawn in pencil then outlined with a fine line Sharpie and filled in with acrylic paint. Everything else was lined with Sharpie and painted with Inktense pencils.

And now we start heading downhill lol

Even on the smoothest of flights there is still a vibration....which made it very difficult for me to draw. I ended up going for a very quick sketch to capture my ideas.

Day 4: Typewriter

Not actually a typewriter but the suggestion of one. It was a bit better before I spilled my water on it....those darn teeny tray tables!!!  I smeared the pencil a bit trying to dab up some of the water. :-(

And since I already had out my supplies and an idea came to me, I went ahead and did day 5 (on day 4) I am such a radical lol

Day 5: Cloud

So, you have to realize I was on a plane at the time and looking out the window at the clouds. And you have to have an odd sense of humor like me lol

Once I was at my parents house I was not in the mood to work on my cards. I spent each morning chatting one on one with my mom.....working on an index card seemed like an interruption so I tried to just get them done as quickly as possible....and it shows.

Day 6: Top 10

This prompt didn't thrill me in the first place and to then have it take time away from being with my mom didn't make me happy so there you have it. lol  BTW it is my top 10 list of art supplies.

Day 7: Pinball or Bowling
As you can see I was not into this one at all.....which is sad because I really like playing pinball. Maybe I will revisit this later on.

As for Day 8, I have an idea, I just have to work my way up to making it....I will get to it eventually.

But I am home now so I spent today working on getting caught up and completed days 9, 10 and 11.

Day 9: Compass. 
I stamped the background with a map stamp, I 'very' roughly drew the states of Oregon (my home) and North Carolina (my parents home) and stamped the compass. Simple but I like it.

Day 10: Cobalt
I dribbled Alcohol Inks on a scrap piece of clear plastic (all the Cricut cartridge packages do not go to waste). I glued a snippet of newspaper onto my index card and then stamped and attached the woman to the top.
It is very hard to get a decent picture of shiny plastic!

And finally Day 11
Today's prompt is baseball.
I am not a sports fan although I have been to several major league baseball games and had a good time.
This is drawn with Sharpie and colored with Inktense pencils.

Hopefully I will now stay caught up (and finish day 8 too) and have not bored you too much.

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