Friday, February 10, 2017

Let's hope she's a great cook

because it is going to take some serious skills to make this meal edible! lol

I finished my second page in the Grimm Fairy Tales - Different Seasons book.

I am assuming this is supposed to be Red Riding Hood getting her revenge on the wolf but I could be wrong. lol

No matter who she is she was fun to color.

I used Spectrum Noir markers for "Red" and her dinner.
When my sister gave me this book she also gave me a very large tub of gel pens..100 pens to be exact! I used the silver for the oven rack, cupboard handles and some trim on the top of the stove.
The sheet pan was done with Crayola metallic silver pencil...I wanted metallic but not super shiny like the gel pens. (my sheet pans are far from shiny lol)
The cupboards, floor, walls and ceiling are Prismacolor pencil and lastly the window view was done with Rembrandt soft pastels (crazy weird sky going on out there lol)

I love using alcohol markers! Yeah Yeah I know!

As any of you who have been reading my blog over the years know, I avoided alcohol markers like the plague. I mean seriously ... over $6 for ONE pen???  I pride myself on being thrifty with my money (well most of the time lol)

So, when I finally decided to take the plunge I bought a few Copic Ciao markers....same colors, thinner barreled pen... just a little more than half the price. They are still refillable so why pay more?  But still way more than I wanted to pay.

I then found Spectrum Noir last summer. A wide range of colors, they come in coordinated packs of 6 pens for less than the price of 2 regular Copics (or 3 Ciaos)

C'mon.....this is a no brainer.

They blend beautifully....even for someone like me that does not have much experience with alcohol markers.
I love the effect I got on her dress! I used a couple shades of blue to give some depth to the folds of her dress and then quickly swiped over all the stripes with the clear blender pen.....instant light stripes. It would have been a lot more work to get this color effect with pencils.

I rarely show off my all wouldn't believe what a person can cram into an 8x10 room! But I want to show you my markers just because they are so pretty!  I just sit and stare at them. Hey, I do the same thing with my paints... don't judge me lol

How can you not get inspired seeing all those gorgeous colors every time you sit down.
See my tiny Copic stash at the top left? lol
The blue pens are the new Spectrum Noir Colorista pens. The rows above them are for the rest of the ones coming on my HSN autoship later this year. (shh hubby may not know about those yet lol)

All I am missing now is the Dark color set and I will have them all! (I just won an Amazon gift card at work so they will be ordered VERY soon)

Kind of like when I had to have all the Inktense pencils last year....the more you have the more you want because they are so wonderful to use.

Ok, as I reread this I thought you all needed to see my paint stash is gorgeous too! lol

Isn't is awesome? I found the wall rack at an estate sale a few years ago. It obviously holds a lot of paint! I love being literally surrounded by color.

Since this is Friday I will wish you a very happy weekend! and Happy Crafting!

Craft Warehouse is allowing us to use JoAnn's coupons for the next few days (they never do that!) and I have a couple 50% off so guess where I will be?!   ;-)

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