Friday, May 12, 2017

Go Press and Foil Machine revisited

Back in March I wrote a review for the Couture Creations Go Press and Foil Machine. If you missed it you can check it out here.

For the most part, I liked the machine but I had some issues that were bugging me.
Mostly, the inability to get full, even foiling on the large frame stamp die.

Well, I was a bit obsessed with giraffes for a couple months (so was the rest of the world so don't judge me lol) but I went back to this machine this week.

I found a video on YouTube that really opened my eyes. It is from Scrapbooking Made Simple. You should check it out.

For me, since I already knew what this machine was 'supposed' to do, I was looking for some sort of tip on how to get even foiling. She says several times....there is hardly any pressure, you almost think there is no pressure it is so light. That was a light bulb statement for me.

I use my Cuttlebug all the time and I am sure you do too (or your Big Shot or whatever crank type embossing machines are out there) and we all know you need pressure to get a good cut or deep emboss.

We, that is one of the big secrets to this to no pressure. You really think surely it needs more pressure. But in reality you should barely feel any resistance.

So, no pressure and longer heating time. Those are my tips for you today!

Here is my first attempt at the frame from a couple months ago.

See how the foil is sparse? That bugged me. Shouldn't a foil machine, when using their dies and their foil and their directions, give you even foiling? I thought so.

Here is my frame from yesterday.

It is Perfect!
What did I do?
I laid the stamping die on the machine, closed the lid and let it heat up for about a minute.
I then laid the foil, background card stock and a shim (a piece of 110 lb white card stock from Staples folded in half) over all of it and closed the lid.
Then I waited. Well actually, I took some pictures of other projects, went and filled my water bottle, talked to Minnie...  I waited probably 5 minutes.
Everything was evenly heated when I ran it through my Cuttlebug.
I rolled it through very, VERY slowly....3 times.
I then removed my foiled cardstock and let it cool completely before removing the foil (this only takes a few seconds)

I was so happy I ran and showed Minnie. She was not impressed....she is a cat after all! lol (Tucker was always impressed but he was much smarter...sorry Minnie lol)

I wanted to be sure this wasn't a fluke so I grabbed the rose die. It's the third stamping die that came with my kit from HSN. I hadn't tried it yet because I didn't want to be disappointed with that one too.

The photo is dark so that the foiling shows up. Look at that! Even coverage! There is a stray bit of foil near the top but that was because I didn't trim my foil small enough...easily corrected.

The pink worked beautifully too!

I used the exact same steps as the frame. I don't think you can really over heat the dies and paper. The machine shuts off after 20 minutes or so if you forget about it. My theory is that if the heat has penetrated all the layers on the machine it works better. Less heat loss moving it to your embossing machine and actually rolling it back and forth.

So I had to retry using cutting dies. Remember, before they were cutting through my card stock as well as foiling. (there is that pressure issue again)

Not any more. I used the same 'sandwich' as on the frame. The cutting dies are thinner than the stamping dies so I really thought there was not enough pressure. I couldn't feel any resistance at all!

But I got perfect foiling with just a slight indentation in the card stock. Yay!

So, what do you do with just an outline of a butterfly?

I pressed mine into some wet Distress Inks. My intention was to then cut it out and ink the edges darker but I like the swirls of ink around the edges so I am going to hold off and think about it for a while. It could make a very nice card front as is....just add a sentiment and there you go. 

And then I is supposed to foil chipboard pieces. I don't have any (well that's not entirely true....I have some I'm just not sure where lol) but what about foiling die cuts? If I increase the thickness of the shims to mimic the thickness of chipboard...

I could not get a decent picture of either of these but you can see it is blotchy on the 'Father's Day" and you can see the blue card stock showing on the Hello.

I am thinking thicker shims, just a little thicker. Maybe a piece of cereal box....I'll work on it.

But these are not a total loss.

The foil resists inks. I grabbed my Distress Black Soot and rubbed all over the Father's Day. I then rubbed it with a tissue to remove the excess ink. It now looks like distressed metal. The picture doesn't do it justice. It is pretty cool!

And I rubbed Distress Tea Dyed on the Hello. It is very close in color and that one now looks like aged metal. Again, very cool.

The potential with this machine has increased for me. (and I thought it had potential before)

I hope, if you have been struggling with your Go Press and Foil Machine, that this helps you out. 

Once I work out how to get die cuts evenly foiled I will let you know....imagine being able to foil ANY die cut shape (even Cricut shapes) without them having to be cut from toner paper and run through the Minc (which I still love and use)

Happy Crafting and Happy Mother's Day this Sunday!

Oh, and I am still obsessed with giraffes!

Don't tell anybody but this is from one of the BadBaby round robin journals. We aren't supposed to share any pictures until after the swap ends but I couldn't resist (and how can you be a BadBaby if you don't break any rules?)

It was so hard to resist tearing out the pages and keeping this. :-(


Julieanna Whitaker-Russell said...

Thank you so much Cheryl for taking the time to experiment with all these things. I've just ordered mine and you have probably saved me a lot of angst, lol. What I'm not very clear about is can I use their lovely stamps (dies), like our ordinary dies? Xxx

Clare Ellison said...

Thanks for your very helpful comments! I just bought my machine at our big SENZ papercraft show after watching the demo least 3 times! I'm looking forward to playing with this, but may have to wait till school holidays are over and I am released from Nana duties minding grandsons 😃

Cheryl said...

Julie, the stamps that come with the machine are for embossing or foiling only. They do not cut. :-( But they are very pretty and can emboss the paper with or without ink which is cool. I hope you enjoy your machine. It does take a bit of trial and error to get the right shim pressure but once you do there will be no stopping you!

Cathy Craft said...

What brands of hot foil can you use with the stamp plates other than couture creations. I am having a hard time locating a wide selections of the foils for this machine.

Cheryl said...

Hi Cathy Craft, right now all I use is the Couture Creations foil. It comes it a wide variety of colors but is difficult to find. I have purchased from and from

nzpussikat said...

Hi Cheryl, I'm reading your posts as I am thinking of investing in a GoPress, as I bought a Minc and I can't get it to work nicely. I was interested to read you had a Minc and love it. I've tried the Minc pens and the ink is either pretty useless or doesn't work at all. I don't have a toner printer at home, but even using my work laser printer, the Minc doesn't seem to like any paper I try.
What is your preference between the two machines ?

Carol Love said...

I have a Minc and it works perfectly. I do a variety of techniques with it including cutting anything out of a pre made toner sheet and foiling the result. Beautiful embellishments! I also foil stamps by stamping then using clear embossing powder on the image- set it with a heat gun then foil it - awesome results. The gopress can only use the special foils that come with it or that are meant to be used with it. My minc machine uses a whole range of foils with bright beautiful shiny results.

Cheryl said...

nzpussikat: I can honestly that I like both the Minc and Go Press equally as they are totally different ways to apply foil. I have found with my Minc that if I flip my sandwich and run the items through with the foil on the bottom they come out more evenly foiled. I would say that is because heat rises so the heat is rising up through the foil....but I could be wrong lol. I use my Minc a lot with my Cricut Explore as I can cut images from toner card stock and then run them through the Minc.
I love my Go Press because it embosses the foil into my card stock which is a totally different look. I am more limited on what I can foil as there is not an over abundance of foiling dies on the market yet but what is out there gives very professional results which elevates the quality of your project. AND I just saw today that has Go Press Cut and Foil dies! So they cut, emboss and foil all at the same time!

Unknown said...

Awesome! Considering this machine! Does is emboss the design? I already have a foil it machine so wondering if this actually embosses (or debossed....I forgetbwhich is which! Basically indents the pattern? ) x