Friday, July 01, 2016

Half Way!

I can't believe it! We are already half way through the Index Card a Day challenge!

I am still on track and having fun.  :-)

Here the my cards from this past week.

Day 26: Space Invaders

I have to admit, I played a lot of video games as a kid. Atari had just come out and my dad was just as hooked as us kids so we had ALL the games!  Space Invaders was NOT one of my favorites. I always lost...and the sound was so annoying!!! lol  I didn't even like it in the arcade! 

I had to really think about what I would do for this card (since the prompt was a game I thoroughly disliked lol)

So I created a real space invasion. The landscape is the Table Rocks in southern Oregon. :-)

This was done with a mix of watercolor, Inktense and Prismacolor pencils.

Day 27: Motel

Sheesh!  I told you last week we had some real duds coming up lol

Talk about zero motivation.....that is what this prompt was doing for me. 
I normally work on my cards right after I get off work. Not this one, I was scrambling right before I went to bed trying to come up with something!

I have no idea where in my brain this crawled out of but here it is! lol

A mix of Inktense and watercolor pencils.

Day 28: Dog and/or Cat

Well duh! CAT!

I love when I have a reason to use Tucker as my model (not that I really need a reason) :-)

Inktense pencils.

I always say Tucker was incredibly intelligent. When the temperatures began creeping up we would always find him lounging on the hearth. One foot draped over the edge looking very nonchalant.

His face isn't exactly how I would like but the card was beginning to disintegrate so I had to stop lol

See, just lounging and keeping cool.  Kitty never understood it. He would give Tucker the funniest looks like "what the heck dude, those bricks are hard" as he was panting and drooling lol

Day 29: Aqua or Pool

Ok, Aqua is one of my favorite colors....but to just create 'aqua'? Nothing was coming to mind so I went another direction.

Pool! lol

This was done with Prismacolor pencils.

Day 30: Trivial Pursuit

Ok, hubby did not 'get' this one at all.  Now I have to say, somewhere out in storage, I have one of the first Trivial Pursuit games. We played it all the time. And I know it referenced the game pieces as 'pie'. But when you view the current rules online they refer to them as 'wedges'. How boring is that?

Anyway, I still call them pie....thus my card lol

This was done with Inktense and watercolor pencils.

Day 31: (July 1st)  One Hundred

I have a feeling that the general idea was to have a hundred of something but that just isn't me. 

I read the prompt and immediately thought Winnie the Pooh.
I went for the classic Pooh and Piglet using Inktense pencils. I laid down so many layers of color that the index card is pilling up and disintegrating in spots...too bad, I would have liked to add more to some areas. 

Prompt 32? Zodiac....yuk! Thankfully I don't have to think about that until tomorrow. :-)

And believe it or I did something besides index cards this week! lol

I have gone back to trying to learn how to draw Chibis and Manga.
I found some awesome videos on YouTube by Mark Crilley
I like his style and find his sense of humor hilarious.

Have a fabulous weekend and a safe and Happy 4th! 

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