Friday, July 22, 2016

The end is in sight

I am kind of sad about that. 
The ICAD challenge ends on July 31. I really like the motivation to get into my art room and create something every day. I just can't seem to do it on my own.

I need to hire someone to send me a daily prompt! lol

Here are the cards from this past week.

Day 46: Lighthouse

This is Battery Point lighthouse in Crescent City, CA. We stop by every time we go over to Brookings, OR. It is just a few minutes across the border.

I used Inktense pencils and drew from a photo I had taken on a past trip.

Day 47: Monochromatic

I actually did not get this one done on the 47th day. Not that I didn't try. I started several cards and just could not come up with a good idea (so now I have a bunch of cards with random garbage on them lol)

I am not crazy about this either but at least it is done.

I used plain blue/gray cardstock. I ran it through the Cuttlebug with Darice's Fall Foliage Background folder. I rubbed white ink over the embossing then tore out the text from a sheet of scrapbook paper that had blue/gray text. 

Again, nothing too great but it is done lol

Day 48: Aurora Borealis or Australis

I based the card with white acrylic and then used Gelatos for the sky and black acrylic paint for the trees. I then dotted the sky with white acrylic.

I love the creaminess of Gelatos and the gorgeous, rich colors.

Day 49: Superhero

Drawn with Sharpie pen and colored with Inktense pencils.
His hands are horrible. I think I need to practice drawing hands! But his shirt folds and tie came out nice. :-)

Day 50: Paisley

Have you never heard of the rare and exotic Paisley Fish?  ;-)

I used the basic paisley shape for the body and then began doodling.
I then colored him (her?) in with Prismacolor pencils.

I wanted to wash watercolor over it for the water but wasn't sure that the pencil would resist enough so I dug around on my shelf. I found a bottle of Liquitex Glossy acrylic sealer (that says is permanent when it dries). I had picked it up at an estate sale a couple years ago (that and a matte one). Full 16 oz bottles. I think I paid a quarter a piece. I never actually read the labels, only that they were sealers. Well this stuff is awesome! It goes on like any other acrylic sealer but I was able to brush water color paints over it once it was dry and it did not become sticky or anything and retained it's glossy surface. So my fish and bubbles have a nice shine to them.

Day 51: Purple or Violet

Another one of those totally uninspiring prompts.

After several failed starts I grabbed a piece of acetate (I have lots of it from the Cricut cartridge packages lol) I cut it to the size of my index card and dribbled turquoise, cranberry red and 2 shades of purple on the back. I let them blend together and dry. I then glued it onto my card which I had rubbed Dusty Concord Distress Ink on the corners.

It still needed something and my Anna Griffin seasonal embossing die set had just arrived that afternoon so I cut out the feather in white card stock, rubbed the Dusty Concord on it and then some Aged Mahogany and glued it onto the card.

The colors are much prettier in person as it is next to impossible to get a decent picture of glossy plastic lol

Day 52: Staircase

The first thing I thought of was this picture of Tucker from many many Christmas's ago. He loved to chew on fake pine greenery (Heaven only knows why! lol)  And he would sit on the steps and spy on me from behind the swags. I would glimpse him out of the corner of my eye and if I turned he would duck down. Silly baby lol

I am still not sure how I got this picture other than at that time he still like to pose for pictures (he became more camera shy in his old age)

This is my interpretation.
I used Inktense pencils (well of course I did! lol  I absolutely love them. The colors are just wonderful)

So only 9 days left to the challenge. And then back to.....well I am not sure what I will go back to except maybe starting my Halloween cards lol

Until next week....Happy Crafting!

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