Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Until next year...

No, I am not going away for a year... well let's hope not anyway lol

The Index Card a Day challenge is over for this year. The last day was July 31.
I completed all my cards, I just haven't had a chance to get on here and show them to you.

I have the last 2 cards to share with you today.

Day 60: Sorbet

I am not a fan of sorbet. I prefer ice cream. :-)  So, I focused more on the ingredients than the actual product lol

This was done with watercolor and Inktense pencils.

Day 61: Path

This verse and song immediately popped into my head so I went with it.

Again, watercolor and Inktense pencils and Sharpie pen.

I want to keep drawing every day but it is so hard to stay motivated so hubby bought me a book called "642 Things to Draw" from Chronicle Books.  It is a large book full of nothing but blank pages with a prompt on each page. Like today was 'desk chair'. Nothing exciting but it made me draw a chair. I have worked through several of the prompts so far....my book now contains a skunk, a seagull, a rolling pin, a hammock....and a few others.  So far I am liking it. I spend about 10 minutes a day with my book and pencil which is always a good thing. 

But, I have been doing other things too. You know we have holidays coming up and I wanted to get started on some cards.

First, my sis-in-law has a birthday in November. Yeah, that is a bit far away but an idea struck so I made the card (it was that or probably forget the idea....or the birthday lol)

This was made with Anna Griffin's Floral cutting dies. I love how simple yet beautiful they are. The background is also from Anna Griffin, her chrysanthemum embossing from from her Summer/Fall embossing folder set. I sanded it after embossing to make the design show up better.

Last time I showed you a Tim Holtz Crazy Cat that I had colored but didn't know where he was going to be used. Well, I put him on a card. I had intended for a cute/quirky card and ended up with a sort of creepy Halloween card. lol

I would be a little freaked out if I saw a 'crazy' bird in a tree calling to me lol

And of course, once you start playing with these birds and cats you can't stop!

Some silly Trick or Treaters

Scaredy Cat!

And of course more cats looking for homes lol

I also thought I would share a few pics from our mini vacation (the reason I didn't get my ICAD cards posted right away)

We headed over to the coast for a long weekend. It was cool and breezy....much nicer than the triple digit temps we get here at home in the summer.

This is Battery Point lighthouse in Crescent City, CA. I did a painting of it for one of my ICADS a couple weeks back.
It was overcast in Crescent City and the wind was blowing like crazy!  We walked way out on the fishing pier to get this great, straight on shot. (and froze our butts off lol)

This is Cape Blanco lighthouse just north of Port Orford, OR.  Normally the winds are so strong it is a struggle to walk around. Not this time, it was down right balmy and calm....and gorgeous!

This lighthouse sits on the farthest west point on the Oregon coast (and some say the farthest most west point of the continental US)

And last, Coquille River lighthouse in Bandon, OR.
It was getting late in the day so I was looking into the sun when taking my pictures. (which is better than standing out in the roaring river I guess lol)

This lighthouses sits in Bullards Beach State Park. It no longer has a light in it but is still a beautiful building and worth the drive out to the beach to see it.

If you want to see and learn more about Oregon lighthouses, hubby and I have a website. It also has information about Oregon covered bridges, vintage camera, trains and of course, Tucker's website. Check it out at http://www.tunnel13.com/

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!!!

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