Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another Ball!

We are having a charity raffle at work. Each unit in our building creates a basket full of goodies to raffle off. The theme for our basket is "All that Glitters". We are filling it with glittery, sparkly items.

I was asked by a team member if I would take her black ball (you know, the ones I mentioned earlier that every loves) and make it into some sort of glittery item.

Below is what I made.

I covered the entire ball with tissue paper. I then sponged on white and blue acrylic paints to create a sky. I painted white around the bottom for the snowy ground.

Using two different Stampin Up sets, I stamped snowmen. The snow covered pine was a stamp I received in a grab bag somewhere. I stamped them all with permanent ink, colored them with pencils and using Mod Podge, attached them to the ball.

I sealed the ball with a coat of glossy Mod Podge and, when it was dry, I added ultra fine glitter. (it is for the glitter basket after all). You really can't see the glitter in the picture but trust me, this thing is sparkly! As is my desk, keyboard, chair, floor and Tucker's piggies!!!!!

It really turned out nice (even though "glitter" is not my thing) I may have to make one to add to my snowman collection I put out every January.

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