Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Something Different

Ok, I took a break from altering black balls. :-)
I am in a Jar Fairy swap on the badbabyart group. I have never made a jar fairy before, as a matter of fact, I have never seen a jar fairy before. But it just sounded fun.

So I sat and thought about it and the idea of snow kept calling to me (or maybe it was just that huge bag of fiberfil stashed in the corner). Either way, I wanted a Snow Fairy.
I found my "fairy" image on a Vintage Postcards photo cd. She was all bundled up in furs and a blue dress and was just perfect for the snowy environment I envisioned.
I created her wings from a butterfly. I printed them on transparency film.
My snow is the fiberfil that was calling to me with a frosted white, glass ornament and a couple glitter covered snowflakes.

I painted the lid rim white and covered it with white lace topped with blue ribbon. I left off the lid and inserted a piece of sheer white fabric instead. This lets light fall down on the fairy so she shows up better. Her backdrop is a photograph of the Swiss Alps.

I created the icicles on the outside of the jar using tacky glue and transparent ultrafine glitter. I will be cleaning that stuff up for years I am sure!

Below is a close-up of the fairy in her jar. It is tough to get a good picture shooting through the glass but this isn't too bad.

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