Sunday, September 10, 2006

Charm Bracelet

I got my charm bracelet in the mail last week from the charm swap I participated in. This was from the badbabyart yahoo group. It turned out even better than I expected.

Here are some pictures.

The first is of the entire bracelet.

These other two are close ups so you can get a better look at the charms.

I have to say, this thing weighs a ton! And, I can't wear it to work because it jingles so loudly. LOL Other than that, I love it!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Boy has it been hectic around here. DH refers to the remodel as "The Money Pit". haha

Today it was like Grand Central Station around here. The electrician arrived at 8:30. He was rewiring the kitchen. The countertop installer arrived around 9:00 to measure for the kitchen and bathroom counters. He and the electrician were stepping all over each other for a little while.

Sometime today the inspector is due to come and check out the new wiring. (what happens if it doesn't pass? Do they turn off our electricity? hmm)

And to think, when I asked for this day off months ago, I thought I was going to get a relaxation day. Ha!

I was trying to get some projects done this morning while they were rumaging around my house. I was in the middle of finishing up my rolodex cards when they turned off the power. That left me without all my items printed so I had to wait a couple hours to finish up (but I did and got them popped into the mail) Forgot to take a picture though so that will come in a later post.

I also got my "Freestyle" artwork packaged up and mailed. I actually completed it on Sunday but the sealer just refused to dry. I like how it turned out but couldn't get a really great picture because of the glossy surface. Anne used formica samples. I have never seen ones so big. They were great to work on! I tried to recreate the pattern of the tile onto the back of the facing one to complete my spread. The color is off but the pattern is close. Hubby and I both think it works well. :-) Trust me, it looks so much better in person!