Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We finished the patio this weekend. It has been a long process but definitely worth it!
Next is the deck and flower beds.

Below are some before/after pictures of our new patio.

This is a picture showing most of the new patio.

Here you can see Tucker's portrait gracing the wall of the shed.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Too Busy to make ART!

Last summer we spent all our time redoing our kitchen and bathroom. This summer it is the back yard!

We have spent the last month preparing the ground for a new patio. Just a few minutes ago we laid the last paver! WooHoo!

Now it is on to the flower beds and decorating.

Our new patio sits behind our shed (which looks like a smaller version of our house and not a "shed") The back wall is blank.
Today I took an old window that I had purchased a few years ago for another art project and turned it into a decoration for the back of the shed. It will hang there with a window box full of flowers. I have been trying to decide what to paint on this window. Hubby said he wanted a "scene". Finally, this afternoon, it came to me so I grabbed the window, cleared off my art desk and got to work!

I used JoSonja's sealer for wood, metal and glass to coat the glass. I then painted Tucker looking out the window using acrylic paints. It was a new challenge to work on the back of the glass. It is like working backwards!

BTW Tucker doesn't usually look this angry but lately he has been miffed that we are all in the back yard and he has to stay inside. I think I captured that look exactly. LOL