Friday, July 22, 2011

Cleaning up my Act

If you are like me....and I know a lot of you have more art and craft supplies than you can ever use in this lifetime (and the next one too lol)

So, I am taking the free online course 30 Day Craft Cleanse . We cannot buy any supplies for 30 days AND we organize what we already own! What a great idea!!!!

Along with just getting instructions to clean up our act, we are journaling about our adventure. :-)

Below are my first 2 pages. (ok so I am supposed to be on lesson 7 by now but... lol)

We have to make an 'evidence' page. Something to show we once owned a particular supply (and then we are to use this supply in our art...instead of hording it and never touching it for fear of wasting it or using it all up)
I am thinking I may need a lot more than 1 evidence page but here is my first one....Washi Tape. I bought these about a year ago because everyone kept telling me how great they were. They have literally sat on my art desk for a year and I see them everytime I sit down...but did I use them? Nope. Why? Um....who knows. But they sure are pretty!

So I was working on a sort of old fashioned police evidence file, I even added my finger prints to the page lol

Now an even tougher challenge, put your personal craft demon in the journal. I have to say, I really couldn't make her too ugly, we are much to close of friends! lol

She looks pretty normal at first glance but then you look closer...hmm green skin, vacant eyes...but you have to love all those supplies she has on hand! lol

I then listed possible reasons why I am so addicted to increasing my stash. I was telling my mom about it this evening. She says, when she used to sew, she horded fabric. The colors, the textures, the ideas she got just by looking at them. The same is for me and my supplies, they stimulate my, maybe this is hereditary! lol And maybe my brain is now so over stimulated that I can't get started! haha

We are also supposed to use supplies that we never used before. The yard stick paper is from Tim Holtz, I have had it in my stash since 2005 (the date is on the paper!) I never used it because I didn't want to waste it! But it is so cool! The ledger paper is from a paper pack I bought many years ago. It has 4 styles of paper in it. Again, never used a single sheet, just looked at them and put them back on the shelf.
I am still working on my Creative Doodles class, finishing up the last few days of projects. This was a doodle in which I incorporated leftover paper scraps.