Saturday, April 07, 2012

Happy Easter!

I just returned from a much needed vacation. It is so nice to get away and play! But also nice to come home. :-)

We headed over to the coast for 5 days. The weather was horrible! Torrential downpours, hail, snow, extremely high winds.....and we loved every minute of it!

While over there we dropped in at the Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio in Lincoln City. I love that place! The oportunity to create something in glass is too much for me to pass up. :-)

This year I made a paperweight. Unlike past visits, I was totally undecided about what colors I wanted to use until I physically walked through the door. I just couldn't make up my mind!!!

I finally decided on red, orange and black. When it sits on my end table, it glows like a burning ember. Very mesmerizing!

Here is a view from the side.

A view from the top.Once we got home, I had to really kick it in gear to get my Easter Bunny done BEFORE Easter! I completed him this morning. :-)
I had issues making him stand. So I finally had to add a basket.....felted to the back of his make him stand on his own lol You can sort of see it below on the left under his arm. :-)
Here is close up of his face. I am really pleased with how his face turned out. :-)
Happy Easter!