Saturday, January 20, 2007

Long Time Since I Posted

It has been ages since I posted. It has been ages since I created anything. We spent months remodeling our kitchen and bathroom. After that I spent all my time baking...which is a form of creating! I baked cookies by the dozens, cakes, pies, brownies. You name it, I baked it. I also ate it which then created my New Year's Resolution! LOL

So, I am back at my desk. My artistic juices are slowing coming back to life.

I finished up all the decos I had sitting on my desk (but forgot to photograph them)

I joined another rolodex swap for this year. Below is my first entry. The theme is "Love Song"

I also signed up for a Junk Mail ATC swap. The requirement is that it has to be created entirely from junk mail (other than the base you build on). I don't get a lot of junk mail so this was a challenge. Once I got started though, I couldn't seem to stop. I need 3 cards and I made 5 (so far). I have more scraps cut out and waiting. Now I have to decide which cards to mail and which to keep.