Monday, October 06, 2008

More True Colors

I worked on my second True Colors journal today.

This one made me step WAY outside my comfort zone, using colors I rarely, if ever even think about. The theme? Lime Green, Teal/Aqua and Chocolate Brown. This was very tough!

I sat with the book lying in my lap for hours. I kept staring at the colors and trying to mentally compose. I was a complete blank.

Then, it was very late, I was very tired, and a commercial came on TV. Or at least I think it was a commercial but maybe it was a dream since I haven't seen it since AND I have no idea what they were selling. But it was dancing, lime green pears....Ok, maybe is WAS a dream LOL

I found an awesome green paper with some teal dry-brushing in spots. It was a muted version of the lime green but with the "antiquing" that is also part of the design it sort of incorporated all the colors. This became my background for the left page.

I have really been in a painting mood and with paint I can create any color I need. I painted the pear using acrylics.

Now for the right page. I have had the background paper for quite some time. It reminds me of an old book cover. It also has muted teals and went very well with the lime. The lower portion is actually the back of some really odd colored Christmas paper LOL It is sort of like peeling paint but in just a small portion, made the perfect floor. Plus, the under color of "paint" was a light green.

Using clip art cds, I created the doll with the pear costume. And also found her fellow party-goers.

For all the uncertainty that I went through, I have to say that I really like the final outcome. I hope Anne does as well.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Project in the Works

My friend Pam saw a very neat project online. It was a handmade book and matching tote. They had little painted girls on the fronts.

I have no book making experience but Pam has made tons!

My forte is painting! So, she is making the books and I painted the little girls.

The ones with plain backgrounds were my first attempts.
I couldn't make little animals without including Tucker! Isn't he the cutest little cat ever? Of course, that is definitely not me LOL I am not even close to blond!

Swapping ATCs

I had a friend ask me to do a one on one Halloween ATC swap. Since I love Halloween and ATCs I readily agreed!

I found the women on some of my clip art cds. This first one didn't really look scary but just had an odd demeanor about her...and talk about flat chested! LOL

The numbers are from Close to My Heart. The spider is from Stampin Up.

Now this second one I really LOVE! Maybe I am just husband did not "get it" at all LOL

I seriously thought of keeping it for myself but it is now in the envelope, sealed and ready to go...tomorrow. Still time to grab it back out LOL

I stamped clouds on the black background because is seemed sooo blah with nothing there. The upper cloud is actually upside down (it is a rain cloud with rain coming down) from ImaginAir (am I the only one that misses that company?!) The other clouds are from Beeswax.

I found that full moon on the internet several years ago and filed it is really a HUGE image! And with Photoshop it is so easy to change the color to suit any mood.

I tucked the Coppertone bottle in her hand and hubby thought I was completely insane. LOL

Hmm, I may be ripping that envelope open yet!