Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas is almost here!

I spent today making Christmas gifts for some of my friends.

I created some mini Jar Fairies.

Below are the children I used to make my fairies. I left tabs on their feet so I could glue them onto the bottoms of the jars.

I made wings from gold and silver origami papers glued onto cardstock. This fairy is sharing her jar with some stamped snowmen.

I used glitter pipe cleaners to add some sparkle around the tops of the jars. And added some glittery beads and crystals into the fiberfil snow.
This fairy is decorating a tree in her jar.

The fairy below was supposed to be in a larger jar like the other two but when I unwrapped the jar I found that it was defective so I head back to the store only to find that they had sold out of all the larger jars. So, I had to settle for a much smaller jar.
Maybe that is why she looks sad. That or she is upset about sharing space with such huge gingerbread men.

To add interest, since the jar is so small, I tucked it into a handblown martini glass filled with Hershey Kiss Mint Truffles....yum! Now it looks like a giant ice cube!