Sunday, April 17, 2016

I know! It has been ages!!!

You ever think ... "Oh, I really should go and do...?" And then you keep putting it off and putting it off until it really becomes embarrassing? Yeah, that is me and my blog. 

I went through a crafting slump and wasn't doing much (I'm still not doing a whole lot) and I would think, 'I have nothing to blog about" so I stayed away.

I don't have much to share but it is ridiculous to stay away!

Like I said, I haven't really done much. I have a few journal pages (but nothing worth sharing)
But I have created lots of cards!

Let's start with a project I did last night. A Taco Pop-Up gift card holder.  :-)

Have a family member who loves Mexican food? Want to give them a gift card with style?

Well here you go! Who wouldn't love a taco with money stashed in the meat? lol

I think I will add a dollop of 'sour cream' so I can add a sentiment.  :-)

If you would like to create one yourself you can find the Cricut Explore file here.

Like I said earlier, I have made A LOT of cards. I won't bore you with pictures of them all but I will share a couple of my favorites. 

I created this fun card for my niece. She turned, um.... well I think she turned 20 this year. I am so bad with keeping track of their ages (because the older they get means I am getting older too and I don't want to think about that!)

I had so much fun making this card. The mirror was done on my Minc so that it really is shiny and reflective. The girl's dress was also run through the Minc and the pattern is purple foil but it doesn't show in the photo. My niece loved it.  :-)

So, last year, my brother in law made the comment that everyone gets cool cards except him. Since no one had ever told me his birth date it made it a little difficult to know when to send him a card. Well, I made up for it this year.

He is an avid hunter so I went wild with the hunting theme.

This box card includes a duck, a pair of geese, a bear, a deer, a deer head mounted on the wall, a stump to sit on to rest and a hunter. I embossed wood grain on the sides of the box for even more outdoorsiness (yep I am making up words here! lol)

According to my sister, he totally loved everything about it! Whew! 

And lastly, I have to always be learning something new or I feel like my brain is going stagnant.

So, I am teaching myself cookie decorating.
I tried doing the flooded icing techniques....I need A LOT more practice!!!
I was getting a bit frustrated so I changed gears and tried something more in my wheelhouse.

Painted cookies!

Now I still have to flood the icing base (and am still not good at it) but then I get to go wild with paint (food colors).

Of course my first subject was Tucker. He always was and always will be my favorite model. (I still miss him)  I like the back view cookie better than his face cookie but they both tasted yummy. :-)

In case you forgot what he looked like. I miss that little face!!! 

And then I created a Wookie cookie.
My sister named her cat Wookie. I have no idea why. She doesn't look like that big, hairy Star Wars beast. Although my sis says she can be a holy terror lol

Here is what Wookie looks like for real (my sister has her shaved every year because I guess Wookie is not into grooming and keeping all those tangles at bay). This was taken the day she got shaved. She looks so sad. 

Isn't she cute? I cannot believe she ever does anything wrong with that sweet little face. :-)

The pic I used was last year's shaved pic and she looks more angry than sad lol

I hope I haven't bored you too much. Hopefully it won't be another 8 months before I blog again. :-)