Sunday, April 14, 2013

Me again

You didn't think I would be back this soon did you? Two posts in 1 day?! Unheard of!!! :-)

I decided to try and drill some holes in the Tri-Omino. It was much easier than I expected.

I drilled a hole in the top and in the bottom and ran a pin all the way through. Just adding the beads and pin has added enough weight that the pendant hangs much better.

It looks like I need to do a bit more trimming of the wool around the edges.....enlarging these things sure does bring out the fuzzies! lol

Ok, now I am really leaving this time and heading to the flea market.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and find lots of lovely treasures to play with.

Yard Sale season has begun!

I love yard sales, flea markets and estate sales! What a great way to get out in the fresh air, rummage through piles of junk and find wonderful treasures.....for very little money!!!

I am always on the lookout for antiques and art supplies (or things I can use as art supplies).

This weekend I hit the jackpot!  We went to a sale being held at an over 55 community that was raising money for their rec center.

I found a box of really nice dominoes, a Tri-Omino game, travel Rumikub (which I had never seen before) and 2 ledgers (the pages in these things are really great for journaling and collage). I paid the total sum of $1.85!

I now have tons of game pieces to alter....WooooHoooooo!!!!!

The dominoes are a bit larger than any I have had before but are always great for pendants and magnets. They are easy to stamp or draw on. I even dyed some with left over Easter egg dye one year! They hold up great to everyday wear. I have some pendants I made 10 years ago that still look like new!

Mini Rumikub? They are at least 1/2 the size of the originals! I am thinking earrings, charms and pins.

I mentioned the ledgers above....I love adding stuff like this to journal pages!  Makes me want to get out my journal today and play around.

And finally Tri-Ominos....I had this game as a kid. I never liked it and have no idea what happened to it. My mom probably donated it or threw it out as no one ever played it. And here I am buying one!  They have triangle tiles that are hollow in the back. As I stood there debating whether I wanted to part with my 50 cents, I flipped over a tile and immediately thought 'Frame'. Now I just had to figure out what to put in all of these teeny triangle frames.

Here is my first attempt.

I needle felted the sheep on a grassy hill with a pretty blue sky. I am thinking of drilling a hole in the top and adding a jump ring to make it a pendant. Let me tell you, these things are super light-weight! I have to wonder if I will need to add a small weight behind the felt just to make them hang correctly. But so far I am liking it. Now I just need to come up with other things I can felt in this small of a space  :-)

Today I am heading to a flea market....wish me luck! :-)

Sunday, April 07, 2013

A Day at the Coast

I was on vacation this week. I was a total bum! lol

However, we did take a break from lounging around to head over to the coast for a day.  It was overcast and rained off and on but nothing can dull my spirits when I am over there.  :-)

We made a short stop in Crescent City, CA before heading up to Brookings. I managed to get a few decent photos there inbetween batches of fog lol

I turned one into a scrapbook page using Photoshop Elements. Now, I will say again, I do not scrapbook....but sometimes the mood strikes me to play with a photo so I have lots of digital goodies stored on my computer for just such occasions.

I did a lot of manipulation of the photo before I decided to add it to a scrapbook page. I lassoed and copied the gull and railing before I washed out the background (just to increase that foggy look that was already going on). I also added several overlays to give it a very aged/scratched look. I then added the gull back on top.

Once the photo was added to the scrapbook page, I used the eraser tool and some brushstroke brushes to rough up a couple of the edges.

The shell, sand dollar, plant, flying gulls and background paper are from Skys the Limit - Beachy Keen kit. The tag and button have been on my computer for over 10 years and with 2 computer changes and several system upgrades, the company name no longer shows up :-(

The water rings are brushes! 

If you have never done so, you should check out all the brushes you can download online. There are so many really cool ones...for free!  I love online freebies!!!

Hope you enjoy this glimpse of the foggy Pacific Northwest. :-)

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Journal Challenge is back

The art journal challenge group has started back up again! I am so glad as I have not touched my journal is many many months!!!!!

It is a free group. You can check it out (and join) at Art Journaling Challenge! 2013

For April, we are making a grid and then using project scraps, leftovers or bought and never used supplies we are to take an object and portray it from various angles.

Here is my of my favorite antique kitchen gadgets.....a cast iron egg beater. I just love the shapes and lines of this thing!

We are only allowed to use primary colors plus black and white.

I painted my background squares (I hate yellow so it only shows up in the orange and green squares) and then I drew in close ups using some oil pastels that I bought years ago and have never used. (yeah like you don't have supplies that fit that catagory! lol)

With this complex item, I didn't want to try to portray the entire thing from various angles, I wanted to instead draw attention to all the little details that make up this wonderful little item.

Since this challenge is for the entire month, I may have to pick another item and try using up some of my paper scraps!  Hmm I am seeing a Warhol tribute to a biscuit cutter.  ;-)