Sunday, April 14, 2013

Yard Sale season has begun!

I love yard sales, flea markets and estate sales! What a great way to get out in the fresh air, rummage through piles of junk and find wonderful treasures.....for very little money!!!

I am always on the lookout for antiques and art supplies (or things I can use as art supplies).

This weekend I hit the jackpot!  We went to a sale being held at an over 55 community that was raising money for their rec center.

I found a box of really nice dominoes, a Tri-Omino game, travel Rumikub (which I had never seen before) and 2 ledgers (the pages in these things are really great for journaling and collage). I paid the total sum of $1.85!

I now have tons of game pieces to alter....WooooHoooooo!!!!!

The dominoes are a bit larger than any I have had before but are always great for pendants and magnets. They are easy to stamp or draw on. I even dyed some with left over Easter egg dye one year! They hold up great to everyday wear. I have some pendants I made 10 years ago that still look like new!

Mini Rumikub? They are at least 1/2 the size of the originals! I am thinking earrings, charms and pins.

I mentioned the ledgers above....I love adding stuff like this to journal pages!  Makes me want to get out my journal today and play around.

And finally Tri-Ominos....I had this game as a kid. I never liked it and have no idea what happened to it. My mom probably donated it or threw it out as no one ever played it. And here I am buying one!  They have triangle tiles that are hollow in the back. As I stood there debating whether I wanted to part with my 50 cents, I flipped over a tile and immediately thought 'Frame'. Now I just had to figure out what to put in all of these teeny triangle frames.

Here is my first attempt.

I needle felted the sheep on a grassy hill with a pretty blue sky. I am thinking of drilling a hole in the top and adding a jump ring to make it a pendant. Let me tell you, these things are super light-weight! I have to wonder if I will need to add a small weight behind the felt just to make them hang correctly. But so far I am liking it. Now I just need to come up with other things I can felt in this small of a space  :-)

Today I am heading to a flea market....wish me luck! :-)

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Parabolic Muse said...

Cheryl, I love it that you got triominos! I haven't seen these in decades!
And I really like what you did to that one on the next post! great ideas, girl!