Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Journal Challenge is back

The art journal challenge group has started back up again! I am so glad as I have not touched my journal is many many months!!!!!

It is a free group. You can check it out (and join) at Art Journaling Challenge! 2013

For April, we are making a grid and then using project scraps, leftovers or bought and never used supplies we are to take an object and portray it from various angles.

Here is my object.....one of my favorite antique kitchen gadgets.....a cast iron egg beater. I just love the shapes and lines of this thing!

We are only allowed to use primary colors plus black and white.

I painted my background squares (I hate yellow so it only shows up in the orange and green squares) and then I drew in close ups using some oil pastels that I bought years ago and have never used. (yeah like you don't have supplies that fit that catagory! lol)

With this complex item, I didn't want to try to portray the entire thing from various angles, I wanted to instead draw attention to all the little details that make up this wonderful little item.

Since this challenge is for the entire month, I may have to pick another item and try using up some of my paper scraps!  Hmm I am seeing a Warhol tribute to a biscuit cutter.  ;-)

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