Saturday, June 13, 2009

How to "Wreck" a Journal

Since I created a journal to swap with Pam and one for the bad baby swap and then another one for the bad baby swap because the first one got lost in the mail, I had to come up with a lot of ideas on how I wanted my journal wrecked.

The swap with Pam is more artistic things, the one for bad babies is more destructive.

I thought I would share my ideas in case anyone else is looking for ways to "wreck" a journal. Be warned, this list contains over 140 ideas. Some are very specific others are vague, leaving interpretation up to the wrecker. Each direction pertains to the page it is written on.

Splatter the cover with paint
Doodle all over this page
Step in mud then this page
Leave open on this page outside overnight
Burn part of this page
Poke holes in page
Drive over page
Color then take this page in the shower with you
Rub in the grass
Spill your drink on this page
Color vertical lines
Tear out-crumple-dry brush-reattach
Draw a hotdog –slather with mustard
Let your pet play with this page
Color then put under the sprinkler
Jump up and down on this page
Stick this page in a fan
Cut into strips
Throw rocks at it
Use as a napkin
Cover with circles
Dribble glue all over
Fold this page into an origami shape
Freeform - tear out squares
Repeatedly write one word over and over
Cover with hand prints
Cover with foot prints
Drag the book down the driveway
Cover with food labels
Cover with junk mail
Sew stitches all over
Let potato chips sit on this page over night
Create a loud sound via color
Glue leaves/petals
Kiss this page
Rub garlic all over
Do a rubbing of something
Tear out and sit on this page all day
Wad up and soak in a cup of tea, let dry then reattach
Let a child color
Scorch with an iron
Splatter with candle wax
Use as a coaster
Tear into pieces then tape back together
Paint page all one color
Scribble viciously
Cover with toothbrush splatters
Pound with a hammer
Cover with masking tape
Candle smoke
Chalk it up
Folds and staples
All the colors in the box
Drill through the back cover
Draw a picture of your house, eyes closed
Cut out a photo of a pretty model – ugly her up
Document all the food you ate today
Fill entire page with lots of colors
What do you see on the drive to work
Smear ink or paint all over the page
Happy thoughts
Fold page, tuck in pocket, wash pants then reattach
Glue newspaper page – circle all the words starting with T
Do what ever you want here
Let a spouse or friend alter this page
Stamp your favorite rubber stamp
Glue pic of self, alter it
Do something unpredictable on this page
Spray with your favorite scent
Sand this page
Use this page to wipe up a spill
Today’s to do list
Write you name over and over
Drip paint
Take a picture of you wrecking this book and add here
Draw a self portrait of how you feel today
Make a leaf or veggie print
Shaving cream technique
Write out the plot of the last movie you saw
Cover with stamps from the mail
Finger paint with anything you want
Draw with your non-dominant hand
Decorate with stickers
Trace items from your purse or pocket
Trace your hand then decorate it
Color outside the lines (have a shape drawn on page)
Take a walk, glue found objects to page
Write the lyrics to your favorite song
Add phone book page – circle names you like
Add phone book page – collage it
Make a collage using only junk mail
Write you motto here
Dress this person (have a stick figure drawn on page)
This page has an boo-boo – fix it (have hole torn in page)
Cut into strips – basket weave
Turn this letter into a animal (have large letter written on page)
Press flowers here
Cut out page – make a mini book
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue
Date – time – day of week – weather
Your grocery list
Close the book – write on the edges
Oh No! a ketchup stain!
Paint or draw with something other than a brush/pen/pencil
Beat the journal with a chain
Cover with egg shells
Add red things to this page
Cut out a jack o lantern face
What was you favorite page?
Draw the view from your window
Create your own ink blot
Use oil pastels – draw flowers
Create a collage portrait using only scraps
Make a red ATC
Create ‘stained glass’
Paint randomly with eyes closed
Create using food labels
Draw what you did today
Create a picture of your dinner –medium up to you
Collage “love”
A favorite childhood memory
It’s not easy being green
My art wish list
Favorite holiday
doodle while on the phone
letters and postcards
favorite season
create a row house
attach a newspaper page, color on top of it
homage to cats
incorporate letters
what did you dream last night?
Collage in blues from magazine pics
Scrapbook your day
My favorite flower in the yard
Fill in these squares (draw or stamp squares on the page)
Create with candy wrappers
Pen and ink a tree
Use torn scraps – no cutting - collage

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wreck that Journal!

Maybe I should say "ART" that journal!

I have been hard at work on Pam's journal and I really need to get it done soon as I now have the other journal from the bad baby swap here too!

Below I have added a few of the many works I have finished in Pam's journal. In case I never mentioned this before....there are 100 pages in the journal. (I have about 15 left)

The instructions were:

Color this page then spritz with bleach.

I painted this sunny fellow (and didn't think to take his picture before I wrecked him) using Twinkling H2Os because they are a water color and thought they would have a nice effect with the bleach.

Here is a close up. You can see the speckles where the color is now gone. It is not a huge bleached look but I really like how it turned out.
Here I had to use a page from the phone book in a collage. This page listed all the local schools.

The instructions just said "Hugs and Kisses". Well, I really had to struggle but I managed to eat enough Hershey Kisses to make a spiffy skirt for this lady. Yeah, I suffered! LOL (this is just a close up of part of the page)
Ok, on this one I didn't really follow the directions. It said to "radically alter this page". I cut it out of the book and flipped it over so the writing was on the back then collaged the front and taped it back in. Not very radical but I had fun.
I have to admit that I am having so much fun working on this journal and really like most of what I have the point that it is going to be very hard to part with it. But then again I can't wait to see what Pam has done for me! :-D