Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back on track

Not that I was ever really off track :-) We went on vacation. And although I did take materials and supplies along so that I could draw and doodle, I was so pooped at the end of each day that it just didn't happen lol

We did spend 1 day at the Jennifer Sears Glass Studio. I made this paperweight (which is about the size of a softball!) and Hubby blew a float.

If you are ever in Lincoln City, OR you should check it out! You can create your own piece of glass art...a great, personal souvenier. :-)
But, now I am back home and playing catch up with my class. We are now painting backgrounds so that we can doodle on them.

I have found that I really like watercolors because they run together and blend so nicely.

To save space (and not have to upload 50 pictures on one post---slight exaggeration--but not much lol) I have combined the background with the finished doodle. Here, the black lines on the background were made by dipping a pine branch in black ink.

I love swirls! But I hate the color yellow so I am not sure why I keep throwing it into all my backgrounds!

This one is acrylics, 2 colors, a turquoise and a blue-green. I then ground some chinese ink (but didn't grind long enough, my arm got tired lol) to squiggle over top and finally stamped some fish (Fred Mullett) using Colorbox chalk inks.

Here is the final piece. I doodled around the fish with a fine point sharpie and then doodled all over with a white gel pen (which I swore I would never buy again but found one for a good price while on vacation)

A close-up of some of the fishies.