Sunday, December 03, 2017

22 Days Until Christmas!

Have you started your shopping yet? Or maybe the more important question is.....Have you started making your gifts yet???

My answer to both is yes. Although I haven't gotten much completed yet. I just don't know what to make or buy this year. I think lots of people will be getting gift cards in fancy holders lol

The last couple months have been sort of a blur. My mom got sick in late September and worrying and praying for her has taken up most of my mental space. She is doing really well and the doctors give us hope that there will be a full recovery. Praise God!

During these past months my muse kind of went into hiding which is fine because I wasn't up to listening to her anyway.

I did manage to make a few things (actually a lot more than I realized when I downloaded all the pics from my camera). I will only share the few I liked the best. (Just because you made stuff doesn't mean it was any good lol)

Here is the card I made for my sister in law. I used one of Anna Griffin's parchment layers for the background. I find working with the parchment to be very relaxing (which is what I have needed lately)
I used Print Then Cut on my Cricut Explore to make the bird on the branches. 

Here is the Thanksgiving card I sent to my parents. Again, a parchment background. I just love the delicate, lacy look.  The flower vines were cut with my Explore. The turkey was Print Then Cut. I find myself using PTC much more since I bought the Kodak Verite 6 Anna Griffin printer. It works great with my Explore and prints beautifully.

One more parchment based card. I told you I was enjoying it lol
The white lace snowflake border/edge is from Anna Griffins holiday edge dies. The Poinsettia, cut from Cricut glitter card stock, is from a seasonal set of Anna Griffin dies from 2016 and the pine boughs are from her Christmas Botanicals set. Also from 2016. All cut using the Cuttlebug.

I think this was the best Christmas card I made this year.  (I forgot to photograph 90% of them so you will just have to take my word for it lol)  It's elegant and yet very simple. I was tempted to keep it just so I could hang it on my own wall.

So, changing gears, this is glitter HTV on a black t-shirt.  Isn't it adorable???

I joined a membership group called Makers Gonna Learn. This is one of the files we received in the first month. (I think there were 30 in all)  You should really check it out. It is run by Tanner Bell. If you haven't seen him before check him out on YouTube. His enthusiasm is infectious. 

You can check out the Makers Gonna Learn site here

And lastly, the new Cricut Maker machine was launched this past summer. Did I need a new machine? No.....defintely No. I have the original Cricut, the Expression, the original Explore, and the Air 2. Why on earth would I need a 5th Cricut machine? 

Well, it cuts fabric! And etches metal (I need to take pictures of the dog tags I've made) and they are making additional tools to use in it. It comes with a rotary cutting blade! How cool is that.

The giraffe above is about 14" tall, made of flannel with felt mane and tail and cut entirely by the Cricut Maker. Wow!

I really did say over and over that I did NOT need this machine. And then hubby and I watched the launch on HSN in October. HSN really is a dangerous place!!!  But seeing it made me question my decision and surprisingly enough made hubby question it as well. He decided I DID need it and offered to split the cost with me. I was online ordering immediately lol

I have not used it a lot yet....but I have been pretty preoccupied lately. I am hoping after the holidays to really dive in and make some more projects. I have all the materials set aside to make a little fox doll wearing a vest. I think it will be super cute.

But until then I am happily praising God as he continues to heal and strengthen my mom and rejoice in the upcoming birthday of our Saviour.

Until next time, keep warm and Happy Crafting!