Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Ballerina Pig

So, here she is. I think she is adorable but the people at work didn't like it at all. They opted for plain colored/air brushed pigs.

Oh well, no accounting for taste I guess. I knew going into this that it was not an 'art' contest so no surprise that I didn't even come in in the top 5.

She is wearing a tutu, ballet slippers and her upper dress is covered with paintings of ballerinas.

How can you pass up a face like this?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Journal Wrecking is FUN!

I have been doing some serious wrecking over the past week! My friend Pam, from Maine, and I created our own journals for wrecking using standard composition books which means 100 pages worth of instructions---100 pages to 'wreck'! We decided to stick with more "artistic" themes and fewer "destruction" ideas.

First: Concentric Circles! This one took me forever LOL My hand was so tired from coloring round and round. I pulled out several different brands of pencils to get all these wonderful colors!
Anybody remember the Psychedelic posters of the 60s? Well, I vaguely remembered so I had to do a search online LOLNow, I have more going on this week than just wrecking pages! I entered a contest at work. I have to decorate this piggie bank. You can't really tell from the picture but it is clear, blue plastic and stands around 5 inches tall.

I will post the process and finished product after the contest ends (the end of May) Wouldn't want to give away my secrets. :-)
And finally. Minnie has made herself right at home! Today she decided that hubby was more comfortable than the sofa. He even moved her butt back up onto the sofa and she slid it back down onto his shoulder LOL

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Wrecking My Journal

I spent the weekend wrecking and creating journals. I finished up the journal for the badbaby swap and it is now ready for mailing whenever our swap partners are assigned AND I am now going to do a one on one swap with another BadBaby friend - Pam - and I wrote up a journal for her (but we are doing more art and less wrecking which should still be loads of fun!)

As for my "wrecking", I have flipped through the book several times and some of the things are going to be hard for me to do....for various reasons LOL

I decided to get one of hard ones out of the way fast. Now, after I did it I was thinking gee, 'dirty' could have been as simple as using ink or paint, something I do every day but that isn't what came to mind once I decided to 'just do it'! It had been raining off and on last Friday and during a break, I ran out to the garden, pressed my hand into the mud and slapped it onto the page...then really smooshed it on there for good measure. When I looked at my hand, it was still caked with mud so I slammed it back down onto the facing page as well....It felt GOOD!!!! LOL My mom would have killed me if I had done this to a book as a kid! LOL
After washing my hands (cause mud in the journal is fine but all over my white recliner is NOT) I sat down and did this page of circles. I had bubbles on the brain. LOL
Yesterday I scratched my page...still raining which may have contributed to the subject matter...not really sure as I really didn't put much forethought into it, just picked up my exacto knife and started scratching.

Today I tackled poking holes in the page with a pencil. I worked from the back so as to not be distracted from the "holes" printed on the page. Took me forever as I was being a neat freak about it LOL

And finally, right before I began this blog, I opened up the back door and threw my journal (quite hard) against the nearest tree. Following the directions: Make a Sudden, Destructive, Unpredictable Movement with the Journal. It bent up the back cover and did some serious scuffing on one of the pages inside...nothing horrendous though so I may do some more unpredictable stuff in the future. :-)

That about covers my "real" art was created LOL