Friday, July 14, 2006

Ok, I NEED to work on some decos!!! I have 2 sitting here plus I have to create one of my own to get started into circulation. I am writing this so everyone will see...... by this time tomorrow I will publish pictures of the two decos I have here. If I don't someone please email me and yell at me!! LOL

Seriously, I wish I knew where the time goes. This week I wanted to work on decos and bears. Instead hubby dragged me out to every home improvement store in the valley. He decided it is time to remodel the kitchen and bathroom. I am thrilled with this but it doesn't leave much creative time. I have not had a home cooked meal in over a week! The dust bunnies are getting to be so numerous that the cats think we've adopted more pets.

Tomorrow morning I am going to clean off my desk (well, Tucker sort of started that yesterday by throwing several of my things onto the floor to make room to sleep) and then I am going to work on the "Inspiration" and "Wedding" decos.

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runnergurl said...

: D

I'll be watching for those finished books!