Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Black Ball Returns

I haven't done any of the altered balls (the ones I got from work...see previous posts) in quite some time. Well, I did one tonight for a friend that is coming to visit.

Then it dawned on me as I sat watching the vanish dry (yeah, it is that exciting here!) I never posted pictures of the ball I submitted to Rubberstampmadness magazine.

The theme was "Numbers". You had to use numbers in your artwork. I created a ball with a vintage school days theme and there are definitely numbers visible.

I emailed them photos, they emailed me back asking for more and telling me they loved it.

The issue came out a month altered ball. Am I bitter? I guess not LOL I am a bit disappointed though. Especially since they made a point of asking for more pics. Oh well.

But, since they didn't want it, I can now share it with all of you.

I covered the ball with pages torn from a novel I am using for an altered book. (again, see previous posts) Once the entire ball was covered, I brushed on antiquing gel to darken it.

I stamped images on printer paper and a few on tissue. All images are from Oxford Impressions. I then applied these with Mod Podge (which my husband informed me tonight as I was sealing my project that it "stinks to high heaven" LOL)

By stamping on tissue paper it almost appears that those images are stamped directly on the ball.

So this ball now sits proudly on the jelly cupboard in my diningroom. It is my favorite of all the ones I have made.

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