Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year!

So, here we are in 2009! I am truly hoping and praying it is better than 2008!!!!!!!

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven't been posting for a while. It was 2 weeks into November before I even remembered to change my header and get rid of that Thanksgiving turkey! LOL Guess I better get on the ball and get that tree taken down! :-)

I haven't been doing much art-wise. I spent most of December baking and shopping (as it should be LOL) I did however get one project done. I completed True Colors journal #3. The theme was Cool Blues and White (with one accent color if you want).

Since it was December AND we actually had snow on the ground for a couple days, I did a winter scene. I love this background paper! I found it in a clearance bin last summer and now I wish I had bought more as I used both pieces for this project. This book is larger than most, it is 12x12! Nice to get to work on a larger format for a change but I still like the small books better. :-)

First I painted the snow on the ground using acrylic paints, I did both pages at the same time so the snow would line up right. Next I paint the tree onto the background paper. I used a large fabric painting brush and pounced the tree onto the paper. After the tree was dry, I added snowflake eyelets all around with a large pewter snowflake for a tree topper. Then I glued the page into the book.

Next, I worked on the right hand page. I wanted to be able to add some sort of writing to that page. I wrote a little poem (poetry is NOT my strong suite!) and then dry-brushed on some large snowballs to hold the words. I used a fine line sharpie for all the writing.. Again, once all the paint was dry, I added more snowflake eyelets. Then I glued down that page into the book.

Finally I did some journaling across the bottom of the pages.....all done!

You can see the eyelets better in this close up of the left page.

Here you can read my attempt at poetry LOL

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