Thursday, May 06, 2010


I have found, much to my surprise, that creating Zentangles relieves my back pain (my mind is no longer thinking about the pain, thus I relax and it disappears)

I had to create 5 zentangle ATCs for a swap. I ended up with about 30! Here are a few of them. They are standard 2.5x3.5

Then I thought....what about square for a change. These are 4"x4"

And of course, since I cut the above squares from 4x6 cardstock, I had to use up the leftovers so these are 2x2

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---MARILYN DAMSCHEN--- said...

OMG, these are incredible! Shouldn't surprise me, since you've always been so good at finely controlled work but man... Good to know you're still creating regularly. I've been stalled out for ages but am creeping back sloooowly.