Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meet Herman!

He took a bit longer than I was expecting. Not because of any real difficulties but rather because we couldn't agree on a body style! This is his third body! He is a bit strong willed! LOL

BTW in case you don't recognize it, this is the scupted head from a couple weeks back. :-)

Quite the dapper fellow isn't he? LOL
His body is made of muslin and after stuffing him, he got a very thorough soaking of walnut stain and then hung up to dry. (it has been very cold and rainy here so it took a few days to dry)
His belt and hat are made from black felt that was also splashed with a healthy dose of walnut stain.
And finally that spiffy vest. I didn't think to wash it before trying to stain it and had a horrible time. The sizing blocked the stain! I ended up wringing it out and grinding it again my potting table and then re-dying it twice to get any color at all! Lesson to me.....wash stuff first! LOL

Don't you love the color of his chair? It is such an awesome cherry red! I found it an antique store last summer and fell in love with it! I promised hubby I would make a doll to sit on it. I don't think this is what he was expecting. LOL
The chair is only about 19 inches tall so you can see Herman is not a big guy. :-)
A face only a mother could love. LOL

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---MARILYN DAMSCHEN--- said...

Herman is precious! If he could talk I'll bet he'd sound just like Jimmy Durante.

I love old kids chairs, too! Would love to have a blank wall and hang several up. I have a couple of doll-sized chairs I only put out at Christmas, with bears usually.

You should really consider making & selling folk art on ETSY. My sister decided to take up painting (canvases) out of the blue about a year ago and now has a very productive little business with a respectable monthly income.