Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More doodling!

Days 6 and 7 of my Creative Doodling class are for getting caught up. I wasn't behind so I am using the time to just play.

First, using color on black, I went with our alphabet practice and did my initial (C).
Then, that not being enough, I did my whole name lol I decided to shade everything with a black pencil...along the lines of zentangle. I can't decide which side is up, I just keep flipping it around and around.

We are also supposed to be gathering images, photos, words...that inspire us. This is one of my inspiration photos. These are the tulips that are blooming right now in my back yard. I love their gorgeous red color and something about the shape of tulips is very inspiring to me.

And here is the doodle they inspired. :-) I just couldn't stop working on it...and may not be done even yet! lol I am thinking I might make some photocopies of this one so that I can play with color on it.


Jo Anne O. said...

Nice Zendoodles!!! I am working on my first set of patterns right now...I too have been missing out on doing assignments but my interest seems to have spun off in an odd direction at the moment. Ready to paint away tomorrow however and hope to have more on my blog!!!

Parabolic Muse said...

So pretty. Very delicate. I like the evolution of your fishies work, too. NICE.